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December 02, 2005


I just had to add this bit - had a customer ring the store... We chatted for a few minutes about computer books then she asks about mobile phones and what were the best ones... I listened for a few minutes then I suggested she rind a phone store - the reply came that they were simply no use at all so she rang us... I did remind her gently that it was a bookstore and mobile phones were not one of our current lines - She then asked to speak to the manager as she was sure that he could help her - as a manager he was sure to have a 'top of the line' phone... Go figure..

LOL I know EXACTLY what you are talking about as I work in a bookstore too... People are amazing aren't they... Sometimes I feel like I am playing charades - sounds like, first word,second letter... But we as booksellers are meant to know EVERYTHING... We had a run on a 'healthy eating lifestyle aka diet book a few months ago... Now I am more a 'ruben' type gal and a customer after much discussion about the merits of the book asked had I tried it - I smiled sweetly and said - 'Now do I LOOK like I have tried it'... And I just love the customers who say they saw a book reviewed somewhere by someone and it's well about something to do with ummm, well you know... No, I don't know - what genre? Umm... well it could be fiction - but then again... Yep every day is a challenge but I love it!!!!

I am so sorry! I feel for you, really I do, but I'm also laughing so hard I'm worried I'm going to pee. I have to go...

Well, apparently you can take the girl out of the bookstore but not the bookstore out of the girl, because the first thing I thought when I saw the bit about the blue book was, "Well, duh, Erica, they're talking about Michael Savage." Hmmph.

And now you're blogging about my life before I get a chance to do so! Hah.

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