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red haired, witch, slightly crazy, mother of 4, bookwoman


The one line bio really does cover it. Well, maybe I should add to it that a very good friend of mine once described me as "chaos personified" and I think she might be onto something.


knitting, gardening, spinning, art quilts, bookstores, barbara kingsolver, activism, wool, dyeing, brandi carlile, altered books, slow food, annie dillard, miles davis, cooking, biking, books, feminism, jazz, quilting, autism, fabric, wicca, sheri tepper, kurt vonnegut, laurie anderson, yarn, bill evans, permaculture, dinah washington, frugal living, ray lamontagne, vegetarianism, art dolls, ella fitzgerald, patti smith, jaws, annie lennox, dorothy allison, margot adler, aspergers, beads and other sparklies, bookselling, dave brubeck, elivis costello, dirty dozen brass band, carl hiassen, kay redfield jamison, caroline knapp, annie proulx, richard russo, starhawk, yarn harlot, yoga. and whatever else catches my interest at the moment.